Best Kind of Basic Jeans (Denim) *RESTOCKED*
Best Kind of Basic Jeans (Denim) *RESTOCKED*
Best Kind of Basic Jeans (Denim) *RESTOCKED*

Best Kind of Basic Jeans (Denim) *RESTOCKED*

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Hi, friend! I would like to introduce you to the freaking jeans of your dreams. First of all, we are all trying to recover from weaning off of skinny jeans and it’s he’d to find good straight leg jeans that feel sexy in, which is why we brought you these. Second, the way these jeans contour to your booty is magic. The perfect high waist and a relaxed straight leg that leaves you in both the trendy AND flattering arenas. Lastly, they have the perfect amount of stretch so you won't find yourself regretting going out for the sole purpose that your jeans are uncomfy. You can live life in these jeans and we are freaking here for it.

 -High Waisted

-Rips at knee


Approximate measurements that were taken while laying flat:

  • 1 : waist 24" inseam 25" length 36.5"
  • 3 : waist 25" inseam 26" length 36.5"
  • 5 : waist 26" inseam 26" length 36.5"
  • 7 : waist 27" inseam 26.5" length 37"
  • 9 : waist 28" inseam 26.5" length 37"
  • 11 : waist 29" inseam 26.5" length 37"
  • 13 : waist 30" inseam 26.5" length 37.5"
  • 15 : waist 31" inseam 26.5" length 38" 

Fabric/Fit Info:

  • Fabric is Cotton/Lycra & has a little bit of stretch 
  • Size up if between sizes; tend to run small